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The castle garden that's a refuge for people as well as animals

As one of Switzerland’s first bio-hotels, Schloss Wartegg has always been fully committed to sustainability. It cultivates an organic-dynamic vegetable and herb garden covering an area of 2,500 square meters where many endangered varieties identified by the ProSpecieRara organisation are grown.

The hotel’s extensive grounds are home to its own flock of sheep, along with many colonies of bees that produce their own honeycombs. Diners in the hotel’s own restaurant enjoy and appreciate these products, prepared in a kitchen that is fully compliant with the criteria for the organic ‘Bud’ (Knospe) label from Bio Suisse.

The property only uses eco-electricity (with Naturemade Star certification), and CO2 emissions can be kept below 10kg per guest and night. The hotel’s own small run-ofthe-river power plant (operated independently) helps to achieve this goal. Schloss Wartegg uses wood from its «own» English Park to manufacture its own bedheads, shelving units, tables and trays. Training for apprentices is actively promoted here on the Rorschacherberg, and the hotel also offers jobs for people with disabilities.


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3 stars Superior


Von Blarer Weg 1
9404 Rorschacherberg
+41 71 858 62 62