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From old to new

Since the conversion of the old spinning mill began in 2002, sustainable construction, the preservation of the building structure and the use of renewable energies played an important role in this project. lofthotel specialises in the preservation of old building structures and the utilisation of existing materials. Recycling, reuse and innovations are made possible with what the builders find in the old walls and the environment. This leads to creative solutions and saves a lot of CO2.

In terms of construction material, lofthotel uses the timber that the forester has determined to cut down on the hotel's own wooded land. The remaining wood is used to heat the entire property. There is no place for energy guzzlers such as air conditioning systems. Instead, the excellent indoor climate is achieved with the thick, centuries-old walls. In addition, solar energy is used wherever possible. The kitchen of the "sagibeiz" restaurant, for example, operates largely with solar energy. The hotel's other energy needs are covered by locally generated hydroelectric power, organic waste and bio-pellets. The hotel is part of the Swisstainable programme of Switzerland Tourism. 

The kitchen is designed entirely with sustainability in mind. Food waste is reduced by adjusting the portion size to each individual guest, offering the option to select (Queen, King, Joker). Regional and seasonal products from regional producers are used whenever possible. Fresh products are fermented, pasteurised, dried or concentrated to make them less perishable and herbs are harvested in the hotel's own herb garden. 

Gender equality applies to all employees of the lofthotel. They are actively involved in the hotel's decisions and inputs are periodically collected and implemented. The lofthotel divides the work according to the capabilities and interests of its employees and they are able to benefit from specific training. Additionally, the key employees are included in the profit sharing plan of the respective operating companies. In cooperation with the hotel Lihn, the lofthotel also employs people with disabilities, and collaborates with Tschops to support the integration of refugees into the working environment.


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Alte Spinnerei 12
8877 Murg
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