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The city hotel that shoulders its responsibilities

Located in the heart of the city of St. Gallen is the Militärkantine: a hotel that is totally committed to social and ecological sustainability. And from the first to the last minute of their stay, guests here will experience this for themselves.

Unnecessary items have been eliminated from the rooms: instead of minibars, coffee machines and electric kettles, guests can obtain refreshments at the bar between 7:00 am and midnight; home-made organic cordial is offered in the rooms.

The restaurant makes use of seasonal, regional and organic products to the maximum extent possible. No disposable plastic whatsoever is used anywhere on the premises. After guests check out, they can take the hotel soap home with them in bags provided for the purpose, or they can donate it on the spot to the SapoCycle Foundation.

Apprentices are trained in three professions at the Militärkantine. Jobs are offered to refugees, enabling them to take an important step towards social integration. Jobs to facilitate workplace reintegration have been created in collaboration with the Swiss Disability Insurance organisation, and time-out places for young people are offered in cooperation with Rheinspringen, the St. Gallen integration agency


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Kreuzbleicheweg 2
9000 St. Gallen
+41 71 279 10 00