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Sustainability is the utmost priority

Sustainability has been a top priority at The River House ever since this boutique hotel developed its concept back in 2005. One of the special features here is the geothermal heating installation, which is partially located on land owned by the Canton and was built in cooperation with the Cantonal government. Energy consumption is restricted to the minimum necessary: the premises are only heated to 21 degrees Celsius, and LED lights and timers are in operation wherever possible.

Before any products are purchased or used in the hotel and its on-site restaurant, they are examined to determine their origin and whether they are necessary. Half of the dishes on the menu are vegetarian or Vegan. As a pioneer of sustainability in the region, the River House is keen to share the knowledge it has acquired with others. For example: the hotel invites residents of the region’s senior citizens’ homes to events, and provides support for local trade associations by offering sponsorship and placing the hotel’s infrastructure at their disposal.


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Gotthardstrasse 58
6490 Andermatt
+41 41 887 00 25