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100% renewable energy, home-grown food, and contented employees

Sustainability can have many diverse facets. The Hotel Bernerhof opts for 100% renewable energy, primarily from Swiss hydropower, and 98.9% of overnight stays here are climate-neutral. The hotel cultivates its own potatoes, other vegetables and winter cereals, and it also breeds guinea fowl and rears Duroc pigs. Disposable plastic items are avoided throughout the property. And two residences are available for employees in the centre of the village, only 100 metres from the hotel. 

Efforts to achieve sustainability are also reflected in the hotel's partnerships with ibex fairstay, myclimate and the Prospectus Mons Foundation, which was founded by the Hotel Bernerhof to open up prospects for remote mountain villages that suffer from economic erosion and continuous emigration, ultimately leading to abandonment and destruction. The Foundation aims to take action against these trends. To promote the interests of the Abländschen valley (part of the municipality of Saanen), it creates prospects by linking the products originating from the mountain village and the valley with the market: this ensures that the inhabitants obtain fair prices, and thus generates a sustainable value chain. 


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Bahnhofstrasse 2
3780 Gstaad
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