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Built entirely from Swiss wood

Built entirely from Swiss wood, Berglodge37 blends almost naturally into the Uri mountains. Moon wood, from the Eggberge, which is wood felled during the waning moon, was used for one third of its construction. Only recently opened, Berglodge37 focused on taking care of the environment right from the start: the hotel is heated using geothermal probes, and the interfaces for a future photovoltaic system have been installed. Great importance has been placed on an optimum energy balance in all respects with the construction and running of Berglodge37 This also applies to the logistics processes for procurement, with regional origin being the highest priority here.

Closeness to nature and authenticity are the aims of the hotel with its wide seminar programme. Guests can look forward to a wide selection of activities related to the topic of vitality under the name “BergAcademy”. Health weeks, with courses to reduce stress or improve sleep, help participants to live a more balanced life. There is a superb view of Lake Uri and the surrounding Eggberge at all times. 

With exclusively vegetarian cuisine made from seasonal and regional products, Berglodge37 plays its part in creating a more sustainable world. You will not find a deep fat fryer or microwave in the hotel. In good weather, the fire ring is used outdoors. The rooms do not need to be cleaned as often since there is a minimum stay of two nights. This avoids unnecessary wash cycles.

Berglodge37 also does a great deal in terms of social affairs: as a responsible employer, the company offers part-time work in addition to full-time positions, enabling flexibility for employees. Flat hierarchies allow all employees to contribute their ideas and bring in their individual talents and skills. Further education and training are actively encouraged, with the aim of supporting employees in the long-term.


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Swiss Lodge


Eggberge 13
6460 Altdorf UR
+41 41 515 21 37